General information
Episode 3
Episode Name Mozzaroma
Levels 25
Token Gate Cost  ?? Tokens
Level Types Time Attack: 20 levels
Given Patrons: 1 level
Leaving Patrons: 4 levels
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Waffleton Mozzaroma Chef Academy

Mozzaroma is the third episode in Kitchen Scramble, based in Italian cuisine.

New dishes

1. Spaghetti with Marinara sauce

2. Caesar's Salad

3. Caprese Salad

4. Bruschetta

5. Pizza Genovese

6. Pizza Margherita

7. Penne with Marinara sauce

8. Spaghetti with pesto

9. Penne with pesto

10. Cheese Pizza

11. Pepperoni Pizza

12. Minestrone soup

13. Parmesan Cheese

14. Pepper Mill

Location Goals Edit

  • Serve 60 Calzones
  • Serve 2500 Customers
  • Serve 225 Order of Parmesan

More info coming soon *** Please note that these are not in order.

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