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Pepper serving food to her Customers

Pepper Mills is the cook and truck driver of the game. At first, she and Candace Capers planned to open a restaurant together, until Candace reveals her dark side and abandoned her. Alone and without Candace's resources, Pepper felt that her dreams were crushed, until Chef Crisp gave her another opportunity. Whenever Candace leaves to another town, Pepper would take over her status as the best cook in the town to ensure that people would not be addicted to Candace's chemicals.


Pepper's dream is to bring fresh and healthy food to people all around the world. She is also determined to qualify for the Instructor position at Chef Academy. Pepper is proved to be a great cook, often being praised for her cooking and even passing Basil Graham's test; which Candace failed. She has many loyal customers following around.


Pepper is a young lady who wears a white apron over a purple shirt and blue jeans. She wears a pair of white and purple sneakers as her shoes. She has her brown hair tied into braids with a black hair band.